Rule #1: Don’t Lose Money

Rule #2: Dont Forget Rule #1

I started my professional career in 1984. In the beginning I had a company pension plan. Eventually it was converted to a 401k. I always heard people around me talking about how they had moved their money into a fund and it had made good money in the last quarter. I could never figure out how they did it, and to this day I believe they didn’t know either…. This was in the pre-internet days. It was extremely difficult to get good data and trend analysis was unknown to anyone I knew.

In the course of my work I analyzed manufacturing data and came to understand data trends and statistics.

In 2003 I enrolled in a stock market education program. My eyes were opened to the software tools available to the ‘Average Jake’. In addition, the internet now made data available to everyone. Within weeks I was making informed decisions in the stock market and my 401k.

This website and the information presented is my attempt to provide other ‘Average Jakes’ in the world the knowledge they need to be successful 401k investors.

Managing your money is not trivial, but it is also not beyond the capability of the hard working people who are trying to build a retirement above social security.

I hope this information helps you make wiser decisions and that your retirement is all you dreamed it would be.

Take care,
Jim Durham